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Cleaning Tips for Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a classic and beautiful choice for home decorating.
Timber floors have been around for years. Many installations from
decades ago still look great if they’ve been properly maintained. This
floor covering option can look great with an assortment of décor styles.
Contemporary, country, Victorian, Mediterranean and Southwest interior
design can all look smashing with this option underfoot. Here are some
things to think about regarding maintenance:

- Sweeping first: Before washing the surface,jordan shoes low top, regular sweeping will keep
it looking shipshape. A dust broom is a soft and effective tool which
will slide around picking up debris without scratching the surface.
Spraying a bit of furniture polish on the push broom will amp up its

- Commercially prepared solutions: Timber is more fragile than linoleum
or tile. It’s important to use something that is gentle and
non-abrasive. Watch out and only use a minimum of water and to dry up
that which is used. Too much H2O will warp and damage the surface. An
oil based product that cleans and moistens is a great idea.

- Homemade solutions: Vinegar and water is a simple and effective
cleaning product. One gallon of H2O with ¼ cup of cider vinegar should
do the trick. Again, be sure to blot up excess moisture after the task
to keep the lumber from expanding.

- By hand: Whether the design is one made of planks or parquet,jordan xiii for sale, there
are small grooves and indentations which are hard to reach with a mop.
Getting down on the ground with a bucket, sponge and drying cloth can
accomplish the chore quite effectively.

- Direct sunlight can damage: It’s wise to have appropriate window
coverings in order to minimize the direct sunlight which streams onto
these floors. Too much sun can fade and dry out these products.

- Refinishing: One of the ways to keep these surfaces gorgeous for many
years is by refinishing them occasionally. How often will depend on an
individual’s preference and what kind of wear and tear has occurred. A
family with a slew of kids and pets may need to refinish more often than
a childless couple or individual. Step one is to strip away the old
varnish and stain color. Re-staining can alter the hue if this is
desired. If a person buys an old fixer upper, he or she may want to
alter the stain color of the floors before sealing them with a
protective coating. A professional grade sander can be rented by a
capable do-it-yourselfer or a crew of specialists can be hired to do the

With proper care and preventative maintenance, wood flooring can last
longer than most other products on the market today. Tile is also well
known for its longevity. Carpeting,leafs store, linoleum and laminate will need to
be replaced more often due to their shorter lifespan and durability. No
matter what the design scheme of the dwelling, it can be enriched with a
floor made from oak, pine,sb dunk, bamboo,jodan heels, cherry or mahogany. Hardwood’s a
classic and versatile product that adds beauty and elegance to any home.

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