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Feasiblity Report on catfish Production (part 2)


The money expected,la dodgers memorabilia, depends on the turnout of the farm. As a rule
however the profit rate is about 75 – 80%. Fishes are sold in
weights (KG) and not in numbers. Loss or non-loss or gains in weight
in turnouts will either extend or shorten the time to achieve
financial goals of profit making and for the business to sustain

Once the ponds are constructed, fish to be stocked are booked or
produced at least one month before stocking and other facilities put
in place,roddy white falcons, the venture can be become operational within 2 months from
the day of financial mobilization and cash backing. It is also
expected to become profitable not more than 1 year after the 1st
harvest, the 1st harvest is expected to be not more than 6 months
after the 1st stocking and continues every 2 weeks or monthly. In
other words if we stock a certain number every 2 weeks or monthly,
after the 1st 6 months we should begging harvesting a certain
kilogram every 2 weeks or monthly too.


Fish farming is a risky business that requires special knowledge and
skills. A good management practice is the key. Individuals with
little or no experience can also be successful. Enlisting the
assistance of someone in the know-how of the business either by
profession or/and by experience is essential. Supervision and
training would also be giving to persons of little or no experience.
Other factors to consider include:

Employment of adequate staff and paying competitive salary
Employing a marketing officer
Provision of official vehicle for farm operations
Offering placement for I.T students
Networking with other fish farmers and others in the industry.


In Nigeria, there is no special permit needed to establish a fish
farm. It is a completely deregulated sector of the economy,wholesale nfl products, in fact
the whole of agricultural sector is. To however gain recognition by
the government and be a legal entity it is important to register the
business name with the corporate affairs commission,buy nike basketball, which cost a
total of #30,000. With time one can then register it as a private
liability company (LTD) which is #50,000 for a company with share
capital of about a million.

Fishes live,carmelo anthony knicks jersey authentic, eat and perform all metabolic activities in water.
Water quality management is therefore very important. The factors to
consider and their corresponding control are:

Temperature – the acceptable level is 26 -28 OC. the control is by
building a shelter over the ponds and the supply of oxygen by the
use of aerators.
PH – acceptable level is 6.5 – 9.5. Control is by exchange of water
if too acidic or alkali.
Salinity/ conductivity – the acceptable level is not less than 0.2%.
Controlled by diluting with water if salt is high or exchange if
salt is low.
Mineral and Vitamins – this is supplied through the feed. Ensuring
sufficient quantity in feed is the control.
Dissolved gases – this build up as a result of metabolic activities
and nitrification and displace dissolved oxygen. Control is by
supply of air or exchange of water. This should be 70% – 120% but
100% is optimum

Since we are running a flow through system, these parameters will be
managed by change of water as frequent as necessary. Water quality
tests can also be carried out frequently and the cost of these will
be made from fuel and chemicals.


Land if not yet available has to be acquired. Cost of acquisition is
however location dependent. No figure would however be giving in
this right up.

A simple and ideal sample farm site layout is attached with this
document. Autocad software would be needed to view it. Modifications
can however be made depending on the client.

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