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wholesale mens ralph lauren long sleeve polo Reporting Workplace Injuries- Why Is It Important by Doreen Thompson

There is a case where a plastic manufacturer is compelled to demonstrate why it should not be subject to $52,500 in fines for not reporting job-related injuries to the Workers Comp Board. wholesale mens ralph lauren long sleeve polo After an investigation by the state it was found the company had failed to report at least 21 on-the-job injuries within the required time frame. Companies are required by law to report on-the-job injuries within 10 days of the incident.

The company was compelled to prove that they complied with the law by reporting the injuries to the Workers’ Compensation Board within the legal time frame. The investigation, however, revealed most of these cases had yet to be reported, and that they were dated as far back as the previous year. Apparently, up until that point, no employer had ever faced this type of discipline.

The option to penalize companies for not reporting their workers’ injuries was first instated in 1944, but research of the law revealed no prior case records of any companies being subjected to such penalization. Even the lawyers of the manufacturer could find no other similar cases. The specific lawyer even works on Workers Compensation law.

As yet, there have been no statements by any of the board members regarding the allegations. The plastic manufacturer, and specifically the HR manager, are looking forward to the hearing in hopes that it will bring a close to the issue. They are hoping for an impartial assessment of all ralph lauren sandals women of the facts presented thus far, as well the chance to clarify the underlying situation.

The steelworkers union, together with several of the firm’s workers, alleges that the company has consciously under-reported injuries to Workers’ Compensation and to OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the federal government. The possibility was raised that the company may have actually been trying to game the system and profit from the situation. In such cases involving workers staying home due to injuries, the plastics company allegedly paid the employees for labor lost as well for medical expenses incurred.

One attorney working for the United Steelworkers of America commented that polo ralph lauren womens sandals outlet keeping a significant number of workplace injuries quiet avoids alerting the proper authorities to conducting wide-scale inspections; it also significantly cuts losses due to damages paid employees whose injuries become chronic even as far as 30 years into the future. The Workers’ Compensation Board was presented with another sixty cases that involved other non work related injuries some of which stretched as far back as 1994. While the company conceded they should have filed some of them earlier, the excuse was a misunderstanding of the law.

If the findings of the Worker’s Compensation Board is that the law has been violated by the company, each case that wasn’t reported within the required 10 days after the injury occurred could be fined up to $2500. In addition to the monetary penalty, they could be criminally liable. The Worker’s Compensation Board has directed the case to the attention of the criminal fraud unit of the Attorney General.

Further investigations ensue into the present accusations against the company, including four new cases involving employees who allegedly had all or part of their fingers severed while on the job.

One worker reported that the company had canceled her health insurance benefits while still taking her payments for her premiums during the time that she was out and covered by Worker’s Compensation which won her $350,000.

An announcement was made by the Director of the United Steelworkers of America that the international union became involved and demanded a formal investigation of the company based on the findings from one plant. The company operates an additional 4 facilities in Indiana and Illinois.

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