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Four Tips for Older Candidates to
Remain Competitive in Today’s Economy

It’s been said that some things simply get better with age, whether it is a vintage car or a fine wine; sometimes quality only improves over time. The same can be said about today’s older workers and job applicants—many of whom are choosing to remain in the workforce far past what had formerly been the expected retirement age. These workers represent a vast resource of years of skills, experience and creativity,jordan nike sb, and many are exploring career alternatives that offer different challenges from what they pursued before. And more of these seasoned workers who opt to remain in the job market far longer today are making some interesting choices, whether it is taking on consulting roles, entrepreneurial options or leaving their current title and industry behind entirely.
It comes down to the basic premise that people today are healthier and are working longer than ever before. Many are looking at what portion of their old job that they really excelled at and loved and then making a decision about their next step—often choosing a different career path altogether. Some of these older workers are choosing to remain in the job market, either due to financial necessity or simply the desire to remain active and utilize their experience and work where they can make the most impact. Many of them are choosing to leave a position to pursue a specific part of their former role that they enjoyed the most, even if that might mean leaving behind a prestigious title in order to focus on what they loved most about the job, such as sales or mentoring. The concept of retirement the minute one turns 65 as a phase of life exclusively devoted to leisure and recreation is not in keeping with the reality of most people today. That’s because a sudden shift from a highly successful and engaging career to no work at all has never been a good fit for most high-achieving people, so many are looking for alternatives.
Age biases do still exist, although the question of age is becoming less of a factor in building a strong workforce. Companies are beginning to realize that while younger, less experienced employees may initially seem more cost-effective,jordan 13 retro red, it is more likely that younger workers will change jobs more frequently in building their careers while older workers may stay with the company longer. Therefore, the idea of stocking your workforce with younger employees may not be the best bet in terms of retention strategy.
For those that opt to change positions, it can be very challenging to contend in what is still a very competitive work environment. When there are so many candidates vying for positions, we tell our older clients to really focus on the specific experience and skill sets that can give them an edge during interviews. If they can showcase these skills at a time when a company is looking for a certain position,rose nba, age becomes less important—in fact, hiring managers may view experience as far more favorable. Of course part of the trick is being able to do your research and identify companies that have these specific business needs so you can come in and fill the void.
It is imperative to understand what skills and experience you have that are readily marketable and what aspects of your experience differentiates you from other candidates, particularly ones with less experience.
In this spirit,nfl ravens schedule, here are four tips for older workers in the job market:
Conduct extensive market research: Identify organizations that will view your experience and skills as relevant to their business equation.
Keep your professional skills current: One of the myths about older workers is that they are not as technologically savvy as the younger generations. However, the reality is that people over 50 are becoming the fastest growing group of Internet users and those who change careers in their 40s and 50s are taking classes to keep their computer skills up-to-date.
Network, network, network. Positions at upper levels are not as likely to be advertised, so networking is particularly important for the older professional in the job market. Seek out professional organizations, former colleagues and employees at companies you are interested in. Volunteering in your community or joining a board of a local organization can provide the opportunity to meet your peers and showcase your skills and abilities.
Focus on your accomplishments, not your age. You can turn around perceived hurdles regarding your age by demonstrating your vitality, experience and work ethic. Age is relative—you may be in better physical and emotional shape than younger workers,green bay packers schedule for 2011, so focus on your strengths.
Companies are very focused on retaining and adding to their top talent today. Position yourself as someone who can get the job done and who can bring a great deal to the table with your unique qualifications.

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