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An Introduction to Avery Products

Avery Dennison is one of the leading
producers of office supplies in the world. They started out with a
single idea and have expanded to have product lines designed for a
variety of applications. Avery products are known for their high quality
construction and durability. The following is a brief overview of some
of their selections.

  • Name Badges. Avery started out with self adhesive
    labels and they have carried the product ever since. Today this line has
    expanded to include write-on and printable name badges as well as a
    host of other products needed for identification. They produce hanging,
    clip-on, and retractable reel name badges as well as all the accessories
    to go with. You can choose standard or garment friendly badge clips,
    comfort neck lanyards, or pin on labels. They also provide an easy way
    to make laminated cards and even offer an eco-friendly line of name
    badges. No matter what your ID needs are,nba dog jerseys, there’s an Avery product that
    will work for you.

  • Three Ring Binders. Just
    about any size,nfl tv, color, and style you can imagine in a three ring binder
    is covered in Avery’s line. A few worth noting include the double
    binder, which allows you to store two binders worth of materials in one
    place. This is ideal for projects and classes. Another unique line is
    their TouchGuard Antimicrobial Binders, treated with Microban to stop
    bacterial, viral,the jordan store, and fungal growth. The majority of their binders are
    constructed with recycled materials.

  • Binder
    Accessories. These include things such as hole reinforcements, spine
    inserts for view binders, and sheet lifters. Business card labels adhere
    to binders to provide a convenient place to add your cards while binder
    pockets add a place to store loose pages.

  • Index
    Tabs. These offer an easy way to break up larger documents into
    organized sections. Choose from preprinted selections, legal tabs, table
    of contents dividers, or add tabs to your own pages. Common choices
    include a variety of numbered options, letters, Roman numerals, and
    monthly tabs. Many selections have a reinforced binding edge so they
    will stay securely in place, whether you use them in a three ring binder
    or bound document.

  • Report Covers. Along
    with two pocket folders, these selections provide a professional way to
    present reports, proposals, training information and other presentation
    documents. Many of these offer clear covers to show off your title page.
    Document wallets protect materials from outside damage while sliding
    side bar covers are excellent for science reports.

  • Sheet
    Protectors. Generally these come in economy, standard, and heavyweight
    options. Avery also designs selections specifically for protecting
    trading cards,nhl schedule canucks, photos, discs (CD/DVD/Zip discs), and business cards.
    Other choices include display protectors for point-of-sale displays and
    laminating sheets to coat just about anything.

This is just a sampling of what Avery Dennison has to offer. Many
of their products are constructed with recycled materials and each item
is constructed with high quality standards. Whether you are preparing
presentation materials,youth dallas cowboy jersey, putting together training manuals, or updating
your archival storage system, Avery has a product that can help you out.
Check them out for yourself today!

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