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Digital Marketing and the Free App Trick

date, Apple has sold roughly forty million iPhones,the pro bowl, with an
additional four million iPads being sold in the last few months
alone. With such a large installed base, by far the largest for any
smart phone or tablet device, naturally the audience is being
aggressively targeted by Internet
Marketing experts. Along with all of those devices are nearly a
quarter of a million iPhone Apps. Initially thought to be an
incredible cash cow for developers, these apps have turned out to be
a bit trickier than originally thought, in terms of turning a profit.
Many of the apps in the Apple app store are labeled as free, and can
be easily downloaded at no cost. Labeling an app as free does have
certain undeniable advantages. For starters, there is and will always
be a large contingent of users that simply refuse to take a chance
and pay for any apps. Additionally, free apps are given their own
category in the app store, guaranteeing eyeballs will at least glance
at the title and brief description. Furthermore, free apps are much
easier to disseminate to reviewers and bloggers, allowing the app a
lot of free and hassle-free coverage. However, with the advantages
and opportunities free apps bring to developers and Online
Marketing companies, there remains some drawbacks for consumers.
In this article we will examine some ways in which free iPhone apps
trick the consumer into downloading an app and expecting an
experience they do not always receive.

Advertisement Volume

– Here is a typical scenario that unfolds every day. A user will
navigate their iPhone, iPad or other mobile device to the related app
store. The user will filter the store content by removing paid
applications from the list,jordan retro 11 size 14, leaving only the free apps to browse
through. The available applications are somewhat staggering, as there
are literally tens of thousands of apps to sort through. The user
will further filter their search by genre, and then eventually find
an app that suits their needs or seems interesting. The app will be
clearly labeled as free, and the accompanying description will
explain the app and how it works clearly enough that the user goes
ahead and downloads and installs the application.

installed, the user will run the application to see if its
performance suits their needs as well as desired. Unfortunately, they
are greeted by an application that is filled with advertisements.
There are ads present at all times either on the top or bottom of the
screen, the load screens are filled with advertisements, and there is
a running ticker of text ads when the app is being used. There is,
however, a solution to this abundance of advertisements, and it
involves paying for a non ad-supported version of the app.

type of practice would be acceptable if the ad content, and
availability of a premium version of the app,mlb jerseys for sale, were mentioned in the
description. In too many cases,buy nike air jordan, however, the app descriptions fail to
mention the fact that the app is ad supported and a premium price is
expected to remove the ads from the user’s experience. This type of
trickery may be successful in some cases, but most of the time it
merely inspires frustration on the part of the user, who will
promptly delete the app in response to the disingenuous presentation
of the app. Clearly a free app is difficult for any developer to
justify. That does not,throwback chicago bears jersey, however, mean that app descriptions should be
less than genuine, or that an app should be labeled as free, when
there is really a cash transaction in the mind of the developer. It
is simply dishonest, immoral and today’s savvy users will most
certainly respond to it in a negative manner.

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